Work Contracts / Construction Law

ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati specialises in the field of contractor agreements, public and private procurement contracts, and public-private partnership (PPP) contracts, as well as in French, German and Italian construction law.

In this context, the law firm ZSCHUNKE analyses and assesses the legal risks of major national and international industrial and commercial projects, including those pertaining to their financing.

The lawyers at ZSCHUNKE assist their clients, whether construction project owners, managers, subcontractors or co-contractors in negotiating and drafting their contracts, in particular:

  • Private/public procurement contracts
  • EPC contracts, turnkey agreements, O&M contracts
  • Subcontracting contracts
  • Joint ventures, consortiums
  • Partnership agreements
  • Real estate development contracts
  • VEFA pre-sale prior to completion contracts
  • Insurance contracts

The lawyers active in this sector have also gained significant experience in the field of natural resources. The law firm ZSCHUNKE advises its clients in establishing and negotiating energy projects or infrastructures, draws up turnkey agreements, EPC contracts and operating contracts on behalf of constructors or dealerships, and sets up the associated financing package.

The firm’s lawyers have assisted and supported international groups in numerous project financing operations, particularly in the energy and commercial and industrial public services sectors (water, waste processing, photovoltaics, renewable energy, etc.).

For the past twenty years, the law firm ZSCHUNKE has been advising multinationals in the construction industry, especially with regard to their major international projects.

Accordingly, by virtue of its experience in diverse contracts such as FIDIC, VOB, AFNOR, CCAG, the law firm ZSCHUNKE ensures the follow-up and management of the contractual construction operations (additional works, penalties for delays, accident claims, work interruption, acceptance of building work, insolvency, etc.).

In their capacity as litigation and dispute resolution lawyers, the partners and their colleagues at the law firm ZSCHUNKE also assist companies in all disputes associated with this type of contract (legal warranties, non-compliance, poor workmanship, bank guarantees and securities, reservations, direct action against a third party, drawing up and contesting detailed accounts, civil liability of the constructors, etc.) in particular by ensuring monitoring of proceedings (substantive proceedings, expert report/pre-construction survey of adjacent property, etc.) before the courts or arbitral tribunals and assistance or representation of their clients within the context of court-ordered appraisals.