ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati is renowned for its mediation skills.

Ulrich ZSCHUNKE, a partner in the law firm ZSCHUNKE, has been active as a professional mediator since completing his training at the Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP) in 1998.

Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution which can be used at any juncture to facilitate negotiations between parties in order to help them find a solution to their dispute. To this end, an independent and impartial third party is appointed – the mediator. Recourse to mediation is possible even during judicial or arbitral proceedings or during enforcement of a judicial or arbitral ruling.

Ulrich ZSCHUNKE is regularly appointed as mediator in commercial and labour disputes in France and Germany. (cf. CV Ulrich Zschunke)

Their long experience in mediation counselling enables the partners of the law firm to increasingly persuade their clients (businesses, public authorities, associations), when circumstances are appropriate, of the benefits of mediation.

In this context, ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati assists its clients in such procedures, in the following sectors in particular: construction and public works, environment, inter-company partnerships (joint venture, co-contracting, subcontracting), contractual disputes, labour disputes, internal corporate disputes and the restitution of works of art.

Moreover, the lawyers of the law firm ZSCHUNKE assist their clients in drafting mediation clauses in order to meet the demands of complex contractual relations.