Art Law

ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati is renowned for its expertise in art law.

The law firm ZSCHUNKE is active in the protection of cultural goods and works of art.

The lawyers of the law firm ZSCHUNKE advise museums, auction houses, private collectors, libraries and individuals on the drafting of sales, loan and transport contracts for works of art.

ZSCHUNKE also advises its clients on the insurance options available, especially in the form of State guarantees, while taking into account, if required, differences existing between France, Germany and Italy, but also those within Germany, between the different federal states or Länder.

The law firm ZSCHUNKE also undertakes searches for missing works of art and examines the justification of any associated restitution or compensation rights evoked. The firm represents its clients in the settlement of disputes related to ownership or the origin of works of art.

If applicable, ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati carries out research all over the world in order to find any potential rightful owners, working with historians and other professionals of the art world.

Emphasis is placed on the restitution of works of art which disappeared during or following the Nazi era, which have been spoilt (looted art) or recovered by the Allied forces (classification MNR).

Furthermore, the law firm ZSCHUNKE assists clients in finding financing solutions for activities related to the restitution of works of art.