Business Law

ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati / Avvocati specialises in French German, Italian and international business law.

The lawyers of the law firm ZSCHUNKE advise companies on business strategy and development in France, Germany and Italy.

ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati / Avvocati offers ongoing support and guidance in national and international environments and provides its clients, who come from many different sectors of activity, with expertise and responsive service.

The specialists of the law firm assist their clients throughout their corporate life, particularly in:

  • Setting up business entities (incorporation of national and foreign subsidiaries, branches and agencies, consortia and Temporary Enterprise Associations) and corporate governance
  • Audit, negotiation and drafting of : – Business contracts in a large variety of areas (such as service, franchise, agency, supply, selective or exclusive distribution agreements, contracts for the utilisation of intellectual property rights, sales/purchase agreements, general terms and conditions of sale) – Joint ventures, consortiums partnerships and strategic alliance agreements – Acquisition, sale and disposal of real estate assets or real estate portfolios; – Acquisitions or divestments of businesses or shares; contribution of shares or assets – Commercial leases and any related follow-up
  • Termination of commercial relationships (audit of the different options, prevention of unlawful termination, etc.)
  • Analysing contractual and legal guarantees (defect, product liability)
  • Defining commercial strategies and implementing appropriate measures in the event of the business facing economic difficulties or restructuring
  • Taking charge of business activities in the event of bankruptcy
  • Insurance contracts

ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati has also developed expertise in a wide range of European and Antitrust law issues and provides assistance and litigation support before both national (French, Italian and German) and European judicial authorities and Administrative and Regulatory Bodies.

  • Agreements between undertakings/abuses of dominant position
  • State Aid
  • Merger Control
  • Unfair Competition, and other Regulated Prohibited Practices

Additionally, the firm advises its clients with respect to compliance with national and European competition law of their cooperation, distribution, license agreements, and more generally of all agreements governing business operations.

In such a framework, ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati advises its clients on the organization and implementation of exclusive and selective distribution networks, as well as franchise networks, in a large variety of economic areas.

If necessary, ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati / Avvocati can call on a network of experts, specialised in areas such as accounting, taxation, human resources and real estate.