Commercial Litigation

ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati advises and assists companies on the resolution of their commercial and civil disputes.

Drawing on its wealth of litigation experience, the international law firm ZSCHUNKE assists and represents clients in the context of disputes before French, German and Italian courts, civil, commercial and administrative, as well as before and arbitral tribunals.

The Italian lawyers of the firm are admitted to practice before the Italian Supreme Courts (Corte di cassazione and Consiglio di Stato).

The international lawyers at ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati define the procedural strategy with their clients and guide them through the entire procedure in order to obtain the best outcome, before the French, German and Italian Courts.

Their services cover, in particular:

  • Representation in legal disputes of all kinds before all civil and commercial courts
  • Urgency procedures (summary proceedings, provisional measures, etc.)
  • Expert procedure (product liability, etc.)
  • International litigation (Brussels I, Brussels I recast, European order for payment procedure, Lugano Convention, Hague Convention, etc.)
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions (Exequatur, European Enforcement Order, etc.)
  • Compulsory enforcement of decisions
  • Assistance in proceedings before the French and German High Courts and close cooperation with the lawyers admitted to these courts, and representation before the Italian Supreme Court (Corte di cassazione) and the highest administrative court (Consiglio di Stato)
  • Negotiation, drafting and enforcement of settlement agreements
  • Alternative dispute resolutions (Arbitration, Mediation).

With offices in France, Germany and Italy, ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati is particularly experienced in both international and national litigation before the French German and Italian courts and arbitral tribunals. The firm can therefore offer comprehensive advice and assistance in disputes of this nature.

Additionally, to respond to its client’s needs in the transnational or multinational context, the firm has established close relations with foreign law firms (particularly in the US, in Asia, in the Netherlands, in Switzerland, in central and eastern Europe, as well as in Novegia), among whom it can choose, in absolute autonomy, the best lawyers for its clients in each jurisdiction.