EU-Law / International Law

ZSCHUNKE Avocats / Rechtsanwälte / Avvocati specialises in European and international law.

The law firm ZSCHUNKE has considerable expertise in private international law, as well as in negotiating, drafting and analysing international contracts (sales, agency, distribution, etc.).

Private international law resulting from international conventions and European Community Regulations (Vienna Convention – CISG, Rome Convention, Rome I Regulation, Brussels I and Brussels I recast Regulation, Lugano Convention, Hague Convention) is intended to be applied whenever a relationship or a legal dispute presents an international dimension, regardless of the legal area concerned (contract law, employment law, consumer law, etc.). The objective of private international law is the following:

  • Determination of the applicable law  – “conflict of laws”
  • Determination of the competent authority to decide upon a dispute – “conflict of jurisdictions”
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign rulings on domestic territory or of domestic rulings on foreign territory.

Private international law plays an essential role both in defining legal and commercial strategies and in settling disputes involving foreign elements. In this context and while taking into account the specificities of national law, the French lawyers, the German lawyers and the Italian lawyers of the firm ZSCHUNKE assist their clients in the management of their international relations in matters such as:

  • Drafting of contractual clauses of specific relevance for international business contracts (choice of applicable law, applicable jurisdiction)
  • Analysis of determination of applicable law and the competent court
  • Definition of the procedural strategy in the absence of an applicable law cause and/or in the event of pathological clauses
  • Analysis of the issues and risks in application of a foreign law, in particular with regard to French, German or Italian law
  • Procedure for the recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions (exequatur).

Simona MATTA (cf. CV Simona MATTA) have a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of private international law and conduct training and seminars for an international audience of members of the legal profession.